Top Six Techy Hangout Sites

Top 6 Tech Hangouts

Are you a self-identified tech geek? If so, you probably know that there are many sites across the web where you can hang out and have conversations with other tech geeks about different facets of the tech industry. You may want to talk about programming, software development, coding, or the next big thing. Whether you are looking for industry news or simply a forum for discussion, the following six websites have something to offer everyone.

1. Reddit

While Reddit is not exclusively for tech geeks, there are many reasons why we love it. First, Reddit calls itself “The Front Page of the Internet.” This is because it essentially is. Though Reddit was originally more of a niche website, it has quickly grown into one of the largest websites on a global scale. You can talk about anything and everything on Reddit, but the subreddits that are devoted to tech, including /r/Technology, /r/Computing, /r/ Programming will all allow you to connect with fellow techies.

2. Techmeme

Techmeme is another great site that is entirely devoted to current news and trends in the technology industry. Basically, Techmeme compiles a wide range of discussions happening amongst techies across the web, including Twitter, blogs, and news sites. Since no one has time to read all of these sources on our own, Techmeme offers a singular view and what is happening in the tech world and links to other websites that focus on various aspects of the industry.

3. Computer Forum

Another site that any tech geek should visit is Computer Forum. This is a traditional, 90s style forum that is extremely simple to navigate. In the face of overloaded websites that are difficult to manage, Computer Forum is a refreshing place to be. This forum has more than 188,000 threads and 46,000 members. It also consistently has hundreds of active users, which means the conversations move very quickly. You can visit Computer Forum to talk about the web, software, hardware, and gaming.

4. Slashdot

Slashdot is a great place to go if you are searching for something outside the mainstream. It consists of articles that have to do with the realms of technology and science. Most importantly, the conversations usually cover topics that are not widely discussed in mainstream news sources.

5. GitHub

GitHub is more than just a place to host your software development project. It is also a social networking site that allows you to have a feed, followers, and data on how various developers are working on their repositories. As of January 2013, GitHub had over 3 million users and 5 million repositories.

6. Hacker News

Last but not least, Hacker News is another tech industry news site with social network capabilities. Similar to Techmeme, it provides visitors with a roundup of various discussions happening within the tech community at any given time. It is also similar to Slashdot in that these stories tend to not be mainstream. There are many posts with personal opinions and serious discussions about niche interests.

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Interesting New Interview Tactics Used in the IT World

ita.interviewWhen IT companies look to hire the perfect employee, they want to do so as effectively and efficiently as possible with the use of intelligent IT interview tactics.  Determining if a candidate has the desired technical gravitas, along with a personality and temperament to fit the company culture, is no easy task. Do not be surprised if one or more of the following IT interview tactics pops up after your next job application:

Video Interviewing

Never has it been more convenient or cost effective to prescreen candidates online. Asynchronous interviews are when candidates respond to prerecorded text or video questions. This enables them to take the interview whenever they like, but it can also be uncomfortable with the lack of feedback and personal interaction. Sometimes only a minute is given before the interviewee’s reply is recorded, so the time preparing cannot be wasted. From the company’s perspective, this is easier and faster than phone interviews, which require coordination of schedules. Of course two-way video interviews are also popular, and standard preparation still applies. Lighting, audio, and other technical issues add complications to this form of interviewing, but testing them beforehand generates confidence and reduces embarrassing glitches.


Companies having candidates complete homework before a technical interview is one of the more popular IT interview tactics to eliminate unmotivated applicants and guarantee a quality baseline. Examples of homework include sample coding and project budgeting, contingent on the job role. Because of the additional completion time, quality should be pursued more than ever. This will also give a taste of what the potential employer believes are important skills, helping you determine job fit.


This is now a standard practice in technical interviews, but not a skill everyone has perfected. The brilliance, or challenge, of this exercise is you need to understand how to navigate and use the whiteboard, while orally working through your thought process and interacting with the interviewer. Programing on a keyboard and programing on a whiteboard are two different experiences. Practice this problem solving format, and you will get noticed for all the right reasons.

Other games and creative puzzles

A big part of interviews is observing candidate reactions to unique and challenging questions and situations. These come in many forms, including the aforementioned whiteboarding, but candidates can also expect potential challenges on computer screens as well as in written tests. Everyone has their off days, but researching what games and puzzles a particular employer may utilize will improve chances of success. These are particularly relevant to IT interviews, where you may be expected to put programing or coding skills on the line.

All companies have their own unique interview and employee selection process. A key thing to remember is that when faced with a challenging interview situation, your approach is often as important—if not more so—than whether you get the right answer. Are you able to think critically on the spot and walk through your thought process? If so, you will be in a good position to handle any tough IT interview tactics thrown your way.

When you’re ready to find your next job (or your next employee), contact us!

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We hope you didn’t miss any of our posts this week, but if you did, you can always come back to the Weekend Accelerator! Here, every week our team will make sure to compile everything we’ve shared, and throw a couple of other interesting articles to make your Sundays more tech-filled!


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How to Find a Job Without the Internet

How to Find a Job Without the Internet

In this technology savvy world it can seem almost impossible to find a job without using the internet. There are actually many ways to job search the “old-fashioned way” by doing so in person and without the help of the internet.

Have a resume on hand

If you are going to be job searching in person, it is crucial that you have a copy of your updated resume printed and ready to distribute. When you are out in public, you never know who you will meet and having a resume handy will show that you are serious about finding employment. Everyone you meet should be seen as a potential job source or link to a new one.

Know your facts

If someone asks you to tell them about yourself and your career goals, how long would it take you? Knowing exactly what direction you wish to take in life is not only important but will show potential employers that you are focused and driven, two qualities that are great in an employee. Being able to tell someone about yourself and your career goals quickly is important because there may only be limited time to talk when introducing yourself.


There is truth to the saying, “It’s not what you know, but who you know.” By networking with people you already know, you can most likely come across someone who knows of a job opening. If so, ask them as many questions as possible about the position and how you should dress and act in the interview. If the people you are close with do not know of any available jobs, then start meeting new people. Don’t automatically try to sell yourself to them but actually get to know them. Networking is a great way to find job leads.

Check your local resources

Many cities have a local employment office that is designed to help people find jobs in their town. Employment offices require you to visit them in person and usually require you to complete tests such as typing test. Going to the local employment office is encouraging in a way because it lets you know that you are not alone in process of searching for a new job.

Start hunting

While it may not be as flattering, going door to door to potential employers and asking if they are hiring is an option. Be sure to carry your resume along with you so that you are able to apply right then to a job if they tell you that they are hiring. Going from business to business can seem slightly uncomfortable but showing your face could potentially work in your favor. If you are able to apply for a job, be sure to go back in and follow up on the opening within two weeks.

Of course, the other option is to use technology to its capacity and contact IT Accel to help enhance your career!

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We hope you didn’t miss any of our posts this week, but if you did, you can always come back to the Weekend Accelerator! Here, every week our team will make sure to compile everything we’ve shared, and throw a couple of other interesting articles to make your Sundays more tech-filled!


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