Weekend Accelerator – December 22, 2013

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IT Job Forecast for 2014

IT Job Forecast 2014

Are you planning on entering the IT workforce in 2014? If so, you may be wondering exactly what type of job market you are entering into. As of right now, predictions are mixed – while the IT world is seeing both a rising demand for employees as well as increasing salaries, the current economic climate leaves some employers uncertain about making new hires. With this guide, you will be better informed about the IT job market in 2014.

Rising Demand & Salaries

According to current trends, the IT job market is growing every day. Employment in this industry is expected to grow 22% by 2020. Both the demand for IT employees and the salaries of those working in the IT industry are rising. The most in-demand jobs are for analysts, health IT, security, programming and software engineering, and database development, administration, and business intelligence. If you are planning on entering into one of these fields, you can expect a higher salary as well as more job prospects.

Economic Uncertainty

Despite these overall trends in favor of the IT job market, the current economic climate could stagnate new hires early on in the New Year. With the recent government shutdown, debt ceiling crisis, upcoming sequester, and new health care law, many IT employers are uncertain about whether or not this is the right time to be hiring new staff. While this period of economic uncertainty may negatively impact the IT job market in 2014, the tech industry is still growing as new advances are being made, which bodes well for hiring in the industry.

The Best Skills to Have

What are the best skills to have to succeed in the IT job market in 2014? According to a survey conducted by Computerworld, the most in-demand skill will be programming and application development, with 49% of respondents stating that they are planning on hiring new employees with this skill over the next year. In second and third place are help desk and technical support and networking. Other in-demand skills include mobile applications and device management, project management, database administration, security compliance and governance, and business intelligence and analytics.

To increase your chances of landing your dream IT job in 2014, it is important to not only develop such in-demand skills, but to also ensure that you present yourself as a well-rounded candidate. Employers will be on the lookout for candidates who both meet the skill sets they are searching for and can contribute to the overall work environment through excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

How IT Accel Can Help

At IT Accel, we specialize in finding qualified candidates to fill jobs in the IT world. We approach each job candidate personally, locating the best job for you according to both your skills and preferences. In addition, we focus on finding jobs at all levels, which means that we are able to find the ideal position for you. To jumpstart your IT job search for 2014, contact IT Accel today and learn more about the support we offer to each and every job seeker we work with.

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We hope you didn’t miss any of our posts this week, but if you did, you can always come back to the Weekend Accelerator! Here, every week our team will make sure to compile everything we’ve shared, and throw a couple of other interesting articles to make your Sundays more tech-filled!


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Job Hunting During the Holidays: Brilliant or Ridiculous?

Job Hunting During the Holidays

It’s the bus-busiest time of the year! During the holidays, many job seekers forgo their search and opt for part-time seasonal work instead. There’s this widespread notion that the time between Thanksgiving and the New Year is a barren wasteland for job hunters.

For many of us, the holiday season is booked with parties and time to sit back and relax. Seasonal expenses and job market misconceptions discourage holiday job searching, but this shouldn’t be the case. In fact, there’s often a sense of urgency among companies to fill recruitment needs and budget deadlines before the year ends. Deciding to continue job hunting during the holidays automatically helps you stand out from job seekers who wait until the New Year to continue.

Sure, it may seem a little ridiculous to continue the job search during the hubbub of the holiday season. But hibernating through January could be a big mistake. Reduced competition, continued hiring, and the end-of-year push makes holiday job hunting a worthwhile endeavor.

5 Tips for Holiday Job Hunting

In order to take advantage of what holiday job hunting has to offer, it’s important that you have a plan as you approach the season. Competitive pressures, business initiatives, and growing markets are still economic factors during this time of year, so it’s brilliant for job hunters to ramp up their search. Here are some tips to enhance your search:

  1. Stay in touch. Ever notice how everyone stays super connected during the holidays? From holiday cards to presents, everyone is in the spirit of giving. Consider sending a holiday card to any hiring managers you’ve recently met with. Be sure to place your business card inside. The holiday card is appropriate to the season and is another opportunity for you to place your name in front of hiring managers.

  2. Schedule time for your job search. Keep your spirits up by scheduling something new to accomplish every day. Whether it’s submitting a resume or pursuing a job lead, be sure to take initiative instead of getting too relaxed this holiday season. Employed or unemployed, a schedule is critical to keeping yourself on track.

  3. Attend holiday parties. Organizations and associations in every industry will be throwing their holiday parties. Sure, feel free to have a fun time, but don’t forget to network as well! Since people are generally in good spirits, they’ll be more likely to help you or offer advice.

  4. Reconnect. Aside from networking, the holidays are the perfect excuse to see what’s new with old colleagues and acquaintances. You’ll want to be genuinely interested in their lives, of course, but this is a great opportunity for you to examine potential connections.

  5. Relax and enjoy! Most importantly, remember that the holidays are meant for you to relax and enjoy your time with friends and loved ones. Don’t get too caught up in the rush of trying to find a new job and further your career. Staying relaxed will keep you in the perfect mood for upcoming interviews.

What are your plans this holiday season? Contact IT Accel today to learn more about our resources and services for job seekers.


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We hope you didn’t miss any of our posts this week, but if you did, you can always come back to the Weekend Accelerator! Here, every week our team will make sure to compile everything we’ve shared, and throw a couple of other interesting articles to make your Sundays more tech-filled!


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When Is the Best Time of Year to Start a New Job?

When is the Best Time to Look for a New Job?

The best time of year to start a new job, of course, depends on a number of factors. The experts agree that there are, however, a number of definite times of year when it is less than ideal to be on the job market: while engaged in a major project at your current job, while going through a significant life change, or, more generally, during the summertime. Overall, as a job seeker, you should always have your eyes peeled for new opportunities, but there are certain times when those opportunities are more likely to come your way.

The Fall Pick-Up

Early autumn is an ideal time to be on the hunt for a new job, so don’t let the summer slump get you off your game. Many people have the chance to start a new job in the fall because businesses take a look at their annual budgets and discover a surplus they can take advantage of. New employees are often brought on board during this period as jobs are created out of this excess money, and many hiring experts assert that fall is absolutely the best season for hiring. This means you should be looking your sharpest as fall approaches and have your resume ready.

If you have been job hunting for a while, prepare yourself for the potential of a major life change because fall may just be the time of year for you. Fall is a great time for new hires when it comes to job creation, but it can be a tough time to make the transition to a new position because businesses are in a hurry to reach their year-end goals and prepare for the holidays.

New Projects, New Hires

While things may slow down towards fall and into early winter, the beginning of a new year is another great time to be on the market. As businesses prepare to launch new projects, they realize that they will need more people or more skill diversity than they currently have. With their new budgets in hand, the beginning of the year often signals the beginning of a flurry of hiring. Other jobs also open up as more senior employees collect their holiday bonuses before resigning and moving on. During this first quarter, as projects get off the ground, new employees will find the perfect adjustment period for settling into their new jobs.

What About the Rest of the Year?

After the first quarter rush to bring new staff on board, many businesses go into a hiring slump until the fall. This doesn’t mean that no jobs will open up, so if you haven’t gotten a position by the end of March, don’t give up. At the least, spring and summer should be used for intensive market research. Learn the ins and outs of the field you are aiming to enter, determine the best points of contact at each company, and keep your resume in circulation. The more you know about the industry and the better the focus of your resume, the more you will stand out from the rest of the pile.

As the saying goes, the best time to look for a job is when you don’t need one. But as the experts say, if you need a job, fall is the best time to get one.