How to be an Invaluable Staff Member


When starting a new job, employees always worry about whether or not they will last the first week. Even if they are highly qualified and have found a job they love, there will be some level of anxiety. To combat this, an employee needs to go out of their way to make themselves invaluable. By doing a few small things in the office, you will not only be more effective at your job; you will be highly valued for your work, more likely to stay on payroll, and may rise through the ranks more quickly than expected. The following are several tips on how to be an irreplaceable employee.


  • Have a broad skill set. Specialization has become the rule in today’s society, but the truly successful employee is good at his own job and can handle other tasks when necessary. An employee that has been trained or has taken the time to learn several different skills is more highly valued than an employee who only knows how to do one task.


  • Become an expert. Even while you broaden your skill set and learn everyone else’s job, it is important to have one area of expertise. In a certain sense you must become a jack of all trades and a master of one. By having one area in which you are the undisputed expert, you make yourself even more vital to your company’s success.


  • Accept hard work. Workers who feel their work is beneath them often find themselves out of work. Take the jobs other people don’t want to do, and you will find yourself valued by all.


  • Take care of the little things. Do small jobs that may seem unimportant, and do them so well and so consistently that people can’t imagine what they would do without you. Make the coffee every morning, clean up the break room every evening, and always offer to help your coworker’s when they need it.


  • Have a good attitude. Be friendly, energetic, and humble. When you want to learn a new skill set, approach the most qualified person in your workplace and ask them if they would be willing to teach you. If you learn from the best, then you will develop strong practices. And when your boss asks your coworkers about your progress, they will all have good things to say about you. Crack jokes and always have a smile, and be open and sensitive to your coworkers’ needs and personalities. By being a positive person in the workplace, you will convince those around you to also be positive.


  • Focus on important details. Workers who understand their company’s priorities and work towards solving the big problems will be recognized by their superiors. Figure out what needs the most improvement in your company and work towards improving it.


By showing your value and making yourself irreplaceable, you will keep your job and are more likely to be promoted. For more information about staffing, job placements, being a productive employee, and more, visit IT Accel.