The Ever Evolving IT Job Scene


For several years, the word was that any job in the IT industry was and would be in high demand for years to come. However, things have now evolved to the point that some of the major positions in the field are becoming obsolete. For many jobs, the people who work in them can evolve with the industry and switch to a different role to meet rising demand and new technologies. For some, new skills will be required to remain competitive. Which of these jobs are going the way of the dinosaur? has a great article explaining the tech roles that may soon disappear. Among the jobs they list are:

  • Web Designers. Many tools are user friends now, and web design isn’t enough for a job description anymore.
  • Specialists. Often people who have a very niche specialty are being replaced with generalists. It’s better to learn new things quickly than to rely on an isolated skill set these days.
  • System Administrators. The programs and processes normally overseen by an administrator may already or soon be outsourced or in the cloud.

To stay relevant, professionals in IT should focus on expanding their skill sets to remain competitive. It may be that a position is not eliminated as happens in other industries, but the position will become far more encompassing than it was previously.

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IT Recruiter Software in the Age of Social Networks



As social networks continue to grow more popular by leaps and bounds, software companies have found a new market to look for potential employees. With Google+, LinkedIn, and Facebook, software companies are able to find new talent easily. This has some questioning the value of IT recruiter software. If recruitment is so easy with the wide use of social networks, is recruiter software still relevant?


In fact, social networks have expanded the usefulness of IT recruiter software rather than limiting it. Since so many people are using social networks, recruitment is in fact as difficult as it ever was. Trying to keep track of the high volume of candidates across multiple platforms is no easy task, even for experienced hirers. Quality recruiter software takes advantage of the opportunities offered by social networks, and IT recruiter software can automatically post job openings to social networks. It can also mine the large pool of candidates participating in any given network. Without this resource, large companies would be completely lost trying to pick out qualified individuals from such an enormous group.


Employers have a lot more information to sort through with the popularity of social networks. IT recruiter software assesses this information for them, taking advantage of this rich source of information rather than being overwhelmed by it. IT recruiting software continues to evolve in this exciting new technological era, processing more information and delivering to employers more qualified candidates. Employers who don’t use it may find themselves falling behind their competition, as they are not kept apprised of the latest information.

How to Ace the Interview Every Time

business ladder

Interviews are a necessary part of being an adult. Whether you are doing a casual phone interview or undergoing the pressure of a lengthy panel interview at an important IT firm, the skills required to leave a memorable impression are the same. Instead of wondering why you didn’t get the job, start learning from your mistakes so you can ace the interview next time.

Getting the Interview Right

Although no two interviews are exactly the same, there are certain ways you can prepare to sell yourself as a promising candidate. The best techniques include:

1. Being prepared – but not overly prepared. Especially with the popularity of behavioral interviews, it’s wise to think through your past job experiences and responsibilities to refresh your memory. But don’t arrive with scripted responses to each question. Employers want to see you as a real person in an interactive environment, not like a robot going through the motions.

2. Acting like a politician. Questions may be presented in a convoluted way, and even after they repeat it, you may struggle to comprehend the real purpose of the question. In this case, take control of the situation and talk about the overarching theme presented in the question. Confidence is attractive!

3. Taking deep breaths and relaxing. While it’s challenging to actually relax, try to come up with different methods for relaxing before and during the interview. It will help you think more clearly, provide better answers, and interact more naturally.

You can’t predict the outcome of an interview, but there are certain ways you can set yourself apart from the competition by thoughtfully preparing for the process.

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