Top Ten IT Jobs


If you’re thinking about pursuing a career in IT, you’re not alone. Between advances in technology and the virtualization of business process, skilled IT professionals are in high demand. Though the number of IT specialties continues to grow, these ten professions remain in high demand.

Software Developer

If you’re intrigued by the latest software development news, a career as a software developer may be for you. Software developers play an integral role in the design, testing and implementation of software solutions.

IT Consultant

As an IT consultant, you can often set your own salary and schedule. IT consultants provide guidance to those seeking comprehensive IT solutions. Often, IT consultants work with government entities, corporations and healthcare facilities to plan and implement complex IT networks.

Web Developer

The internet is becoming larger than ever. Brands both large and small are turning to the internet to reach more customers, gain exposure and boost sales. For IT professionals, this means there is a constant demand for qualified web developers able to ensure websites have the tools to function properly.

Mobile App Developer

With billions of mobile devices now in circulation, the demand for qualified mobile app developers is growing. As a mobile app developer, IT professionals work with companies to create branded mobile apps for various purposes.

Systems Engineer

As a systems engineer, IT professionals work with teams to manage complex projects. Systems engineers conduct risk management, help optimize operational methods and troubleshoot problems. By applying engineering principles, systems engineers ensure stable systems performance.

Java Developer

Specializing in the development and support of Java applications, Java developers belong to another growing IT sub-specialty. Working with a team, Java developers manage component design, create robust Java applications and ensure projects are completed on time.

Business Analyst

Serving an important role within any organizations, business analysts help “pull it all together.” Responsibilities of the business analyst include the planning, design and implementation of software development projects to meet various business needs. In addition, business analysts are also responsible for ensuring projects are completed within budget limits.

Health IT

IT professionals have found a niche in the healthcare system as healthcare facilities around the country complete the transition to a paperless working environment. Health IT professionals work with healthcare facilities to implement and manage complex IT processes.

Cloud Specialists

With more companies moving to cloud computing, there is an increased demand for IT professionals skilled in cloud architecture. As one of the highest paying IT jobs, cloud specialists generally work with a team to ensure cloud technology is secure and functioning properly.

Systems Administrator

For any business that relies on technology to operate, systems administrators are a valuable asset. By ensuring seamless coordination between IT systems, these professionals work to ensure little, if any, downtime is experienced.

It Doesn’t End Here

While these may be the top ten IT careers, the field is constantly evolving to include new and interesting sub-specialties. When choosing a career in IT, professionals learn multiple disciplines and work in a variety of settings.

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Top 5 Universities for Computer Engineering

Top 5 Universities for Computer Engineering

What is Computer Engineering?

Computer engineering integrates the field of electrical engineering and computer science. Computer engineers are involved in developing software and hardware and must have training in electronic engineering, hardware-software integration and software design. The field of computer engineering is very competitive and focuses on how computer systems integrate with each other and the world around them.

Even entry-level jobs as a computer engineer require at least a bachelor’s degree from a respected university. Many large firms or jobs that have specialized needs will require a master’s degree in computer engineering. Continuing education is a very important part of being a computer engineer, as it is necessary to keep up with rapid advances in technology.

Here is a list of the top five universities for computer engineering in the United States:

1) Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. This university has produced some of the leading minds in the field of engineering, aerospace, and physics. This private research university is home to over 4,500 students and is best known for its math, engineering, and science education.

2) Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon University is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and is a private institution that focuses on engineering, computer science, business, and fine arts. The philanthropist and industrialist Andrew Carnegie founded this university. This university is home to over 6,000 students and is one of the leading research universities in the country.

3) Stanford University

Stanford University is home to over 7,000 students and is located in the city of Stanford, California. This is a private university and combines teaching with research. This university is focused on multi-disciplinary combinations, and students have many opportunities to be involved in research projects through the university.

4) University of California in Berkeley

The University of California in Berkeley has over 700 organizations that the student body may join to be active in campus life. This is a public university that has almost 26,000 students and overlooks the San Francisco Bay. This university is known for getting its students involved in community activities, and has over 55 fraternity and sorority chapters that are active on campus.

5) The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is located in Champaign, Illinois, and its undergraduate population alone is over 32,000 students. This university consists of 17 schools and colleges, and its College of Engineering consistently ranks among the best in the country. The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching recently ranked the University of Illinois as one of the universities with the highest research activity. This is also the first university to provide disability access to all university services.

Employment for computer engineers is expected to rise dramatically over the next 20 years because of the rapid advances in technology and computer applications. Growing concerns over cyber security has increased the need for highly educated computer and software engineers across all major industries.

These top five universities all offer assistance with job placement in the computer engineering field. When looking for a career in technology, such as computer engineering, it is important to have the right education in addition to the best support possible, such as from IT Accel, a global leader in IT talent acquisition.


Interesting New Interview Tactics Used in the IT World

ita.interviewWhen IT companies look to hire the perfect employee, they want to do so as effectively and efficiently as possible with the use of intelligent IT interview tactics.  Determining if a candidate has the desired technical gravitas, along with a personality and temperament to fit the company culture, is no easy task. Do not be surprised if one or more of the following IT interview tactics pops up after your next job application:

Video Interviewing

Never has it been more convenient or cost effective to prescreen candidates online. Asynchronous interviews are when candidates respond to prerecorded text or video questions. This enables them to take the interview whenever they like, but it can also be uncomfortable with the lack of feedback and personal interaction. Sometimes only a minute is given before the interviewee’s reply is recorded, so the time preparing cannot be wasted. From the company’s perspective, this is easier and faster than phone interviews, which require coordination of schedules. Of course two-way video interviews are also popular, and standard preparation still applies. Lighting, audio, and other technical issues add complications to this form of interviewing, but testing them beforehand generates confidence and reduces embarrassing glitches.


Companies having candidates complete homework before a technical interview is one of the more popular IT interview tactics to eliminate unmotivated applicants and guarantee a quality baseline. Examples of homework include sample coding and project budgeting, contingent on the job role. Because of the additional completion time, quality should be pursued more than ever. This will also give a taste of what the potential employer believes are important skills, helping you determine job fit.


This is now a standard practice in technical interviews, but not a skill everyone has perfected. The brilliance, or challenge, of this exercise is you need to understand how to navigate and use the whiteboard, while orally working through your thought process and interacting with the interviewer. Programing on a keyboard and programing on a whiteboard are two different experiences. Practice this problem solving format, and you will get noticed for all the right reasons.

Other games and creative puzzles

A big part of interviews is observing candidate reactions to unique and challenging questions and situations. These come in many forms, including the aforementioned whiteboarding, but candidates can also expect potential challenges on computer screens as well as in written tests. Everyone has their off days, but researching what games and puzzles a particular employer may utilize will improve chances of success. These are particularly relevant to IT interviews, where you may be expected to put programing or coding skills on the line.

All companies have their own unique interview and employee selection process. A key thing to remember is that when faced with a challenging interview situation, your approach is often as important—if not more so—than whether you get the right answer. Are you able to think critically on the spot and walk through your thought process? If so, you will be in a good position to handle any tough IT interview tactics thrown your way.

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