The Ever Evolving IT Job Scene


For several years, the word was that any job in the IT industry was and would be in high demand for years to come. However, things have now evolved to the point that some of the major positions in the field are becoming obsolete. For many jobs, the people who work in them can evolve with the industry and switch to a different role to meet rising demand and new technologies. For some, new skills will be required to remain competitive. Which of these jobs are going the way of the dinosaur? has a great article explaining the tech roles that may soon disappear. Among the jobs they list are:

  • Web Designers. Many tools are user friends now, and web design isn’t enough for a job description anymore.
  • Specialists. Often people who have a very niche specialty are being replaced with generalists. It’s better to learn new things quickly than to rely on an isolated skill set these days.
  • System Administrators. The programs and processes normally overseen by an administrator may already or soon be outsourced or in the cloud.

To stay relevant, professionals in IT should focus on expanding their skill sets to remain competitive. It may be that a position is not eliminated as happens in other industries, but the position will become far more encompassing than it was previously.

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