IT Recruiter Software in the Age of Social Networks



As social networks continue to grow more popular by leaps and bounds, software companies have found a new market to look for potential employees. With Google+, LinkedIn, and Facebook, software companies are able to find new talent easily. This has some questioning the value of IT recruiter software. If recruitment is so easy with the wide use of social networks, is recruiter software still relevant?


In fact, social networks have expanded the usefulness of IT recruiter software rather than limiting it. Since so many people are using social networks, recruitment is in fact as difficult as it ever was. Trying to keep track of the high volume of candidates across multiple platforms is no easy task, even for experienced hirers. Quality recruiter software takes advantage of the opportunities offered by social networks, and IT recruiter software can automatically post job openings to social networks. It can also mine the large pool of candidates participating in any given network. Without this resource, large companies would be completely lost trying to pick out qualified individuals from such an enormous group.


Employers have a lot more information to sort through with the popularity of social networks. IT recruiter software assesses this information for them, taking advantage of this rich source of information rather than being overwhelmed by it. IT recruiting software continues to evolve in this exciting new technological era, processing more information and delivering to employers more qualified candidates. Employers who don’t use it may find themselves falling behind their competition, as they are not kept apprised of the latest information.

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