Proprietary databases and applications must work in concert, preferably from the initial design and development stage. Let IT Accel provide your company with qualified application designers and engineers, database specialists, webmasters, point-of-sale system integrators, planners and managers to address your enterprise technology initiatives, application conflicts, and/or systems optimization issues.

Database design, development, and maintenance

IT Accel can provide you with seasoned database administrators and developers to oversee, review and maintain your company or department's proprietary database applications. Our stable of strong, skilled application engineering consultants & candidates can be counted on to design your database applications from the ground up using Oracle, SQL, MongoDB or other standard platforms, fine-tune them for optimum performance, monitor their ongoing metrics, and keep their critical data available to you even under extreme circumstances such as disaster recovery scenarios. We technically qualify each of the individuals we recommend to your organization. Rest assured, with IT Accel helping you acquire the best technical talent around, your databases will be in good hands.

Application development, web design, and web services

If your online presence requires new or expanded functionality, IT Accel has the relationships with exceptional development and design professionals to make it happen. We have great access to high-level web programmers, designers and html technicians that can create and maintain online applications and interactive interfaces that work flawlessly with your database systems. They are also technically qualified in the latest web design standards and programs, as well as building with CMS platforms such as Drupal and Joomla. We have a network of experts with HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Flex, ColdFusion, JQuery, Apache, Javascript, and any web design language that can be utilized. There are too many to list all, so please contact us to discuss your particular needs if it is not listed here.

Point-of-sale system implementations

Installing a POS system and making sure it runs efficiently can sap much-needed time and effort from your staff. IT Accel can provide you with software specialists who can take over the entire process of recommending, installing and implementing SAP, POS and EPOS systems for fast, secure electronic transactions that work flawlessly with a wide range of standard payment providers.

Program and project management

Technology programs and projects require accomplished managers who are also hands-on IT experts. We have a strong collection of PMP and ITIL Certified IT program and project managers skilled at the science of creating detailed frameworks for new or improved IT applications.

Application integration

Let IT Accel's talented inventory of EAI (enterprise application integration) experts untangle your business from the "spaghetti" of haphazard, inefficient point-to-point connections across applications. We acquire professionals that can develop EAI systems that either mediate application transactions smoothly or function as a front-end administrator for all event calls to these applications. Experts in this field can be hard to find -- trust IT Accel to find them for you.

Enterprise technology initiatives

When your business needs to develop enterprise technology initiatives, let IT Accel provide the experts you need to plan, oversee and implement them. The talent in our application specialist and project manager pipeline is capable of creating entire systems, from application core processes to middleware and user interfaces. We can also make sure all initiatives conform to security standards that strike a perfect balance between company privacy and data accessibility.

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