IT Accel knows that a robust IT strategy for a business means detailed planning and skilled implementation in the face of enterprise initiatives, disasters and anticipated site relocations. We can provide you with the talent and experience pool needed to construct these strategies and carry them off smoothly and efficiently.

Disaster recovery planning, documentation, and implementation

Proper disaster recovery planning involves performing "stress tests" on a business's data system infrastructure. IT Accel can offer your organization exceptionally qualified personnel capable of everything from running test scenarios, collecting and reviewing results to identify failure points, as well as those with the necessary skill sets to help you implement updates to meet the needs of your Business Resumption Planning (BRP) or Continuity of Operations Planning (COOP) strategies.

Physical site surveys

IT Accel's talented recruits have helped companies survey prospective facility sites, evaluate critical variables such as required data throughput, number of clients per access point, facility environment and location, building materials, as well as proximity to competing wireless networks.

Systems, Storage and Message Engineering

IT Accel provides work for specialized manpower that creates information and communication technologies (ICT) systems for business. The specialists we recruit, design, install and operate systems with scalable architectures incorporating multiple dedicated servers, network storage and security configurations, and clustered applications. We represent experts in Microsoft technologies, Active Directory and Exchange messaging. If you are looking for open source experts, we have a large network of professionals proficient in all flavors of Unix (Solaris, HP-UX, AIX) and Linux (RedHat, Debian, Ubuntu, Gentoo), web servers like Tomcat Apache and Storage technology - SAN and NAS (EMC, Hitachi, 3Par, NetApp).

Virtualization and Cloud Computing

These days, more companies are choosing to shrink their technology footprint through virtualization as well as moving their technology into the cloud. If you are looking for engineers who can make your infrastructure smaller and more efficient, IT Accel can provide you with experts in the latest versions of VM Ware and Hyper-V. For businesses where having its own infrastructure makes no sense at all, our experts can move all your technology and information into a cloud service, eliminating the need for having actual equipment on site .

Redundancy strategies

We consistently recruit skilled professionals that can help devise redundancy and fail-over strategies across a distributed server network so your data system can maintain its informational integrity and continuity even after a hardware or connectivity failure.

Enterprise resource planning

Enterprise resource planning, or ERP, eliminates the inefficiencies of using multiple standalone systems across departments. IT Accel is experienced at recruiting skilled software professionals that can set up an integrated program linked to modules in each department, making multi-departmental transactions a streamlined, integrated process.

Data center relocation

When it's time to pull up the stakes and move, IT Accel has relationships with the IT personnel you need to accomplish the transition with minimal downtime. Let us help recruit your data center migration and deployment personnel for a seamless de-installation and re-installation of your data systems from desktop to server.

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