Even the most beautifully designed and painstakingly engineered IT systems depend on skilled professional support and maintenance to remain up to the ever-evolving standards of enterprise technology. Your relationship with IT Accel gives your company a competitive edge by providing you with all the trained technical support personnel you need, whenever you need them.

Hardware upgrades, rollouts, and migrations

Trust IT Accel's pool of technology professionals when you need advice, coordination or management of hardware rollout and deployment. Our recruits are capable of performing installations of new hardware as well as migrations and changes to existing hardware, with customizations that conform to ISO 9002 configuration standards.

Software upgrades, rollouts, and migrations

A failed software rollout can cost a company millions of dollars in deployment problems and lost efficiency. IT Accel mines the technology world for gifted software experts that can help you perform global upgrades, rollouts and migrations of operating systems or other key applications safely and smoothly, while evaluating your current software usage and developing an efficient, sensible transition plan.

End user support

Increase your company's productivity by giving your employees an integrated end-user computer support solution built by IT Accel's skilled network and software professionals who can help you create self-help portals customized to individual user profiles and histories, coupled with collaborative tools that walk end users through troubleshooting procedures.

Call center and data center support

High-volume call centers and data centers require the support of an experienced, skilled IT staff. IT Accel's roster of technology professionals can keep even the most complex call centers and data centers up and running. Let us help you by providing staffing for your toll-free customer service, direct response, automated appointment scheduling, web-based response and live phone center technologies.

Help-desk support

A 24-hour help desk can give your clients and customers better support while helping your employees make the most productive use of their time. Let IT Accel staff your next help desk opening. Our talent pool of technical support experts are known for their skill in working through fully-automated help-desk structures while following comprehensive "help tree systems" to guide callers toward the correct solution to problems such as hardware and software support, password issues, troubleshooting and service requests.

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