Sys Admin

Systems Administrator

We’re looking for a sharp, motivated, and talented Systems Administrator to take on a broad slice of our end-user technology environment (things like desktops, telephony, mobile devices, messaging, videoconferencing, AV, and more) while expanding into an ever-growing set of back-end systems (physical and virtual servers, networks, and storage). Our dream candidate doesn’t need lots of experience, but must be a die-hard techie and tinkerer – someone who isn’t satisfied just figuring out how something works, but who is consumed with why it works that way.


  • Be the bridge between people and technology by ensuring a seamless, responsive, and proactive user experience
  • Own build, configuration, problem solving, troubleshooting, maintenance, and support across end-user technologies
  • Handle general systems administration across an array of back-end platforms
  • Participate in new technology selection, testing, and rollout


  • A year or more of relevant experience is helpful, but we welcome outstanding candidates without any professional experience.
  • Demonstrated ability to adeptly assess and fix technical problems.
  • Unambiguous passion for technology.
  • Programming skills beyond simple scripting are a plus.


  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related technical field from an excellent academic program.

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