Do you think working with a recruiter is waste of time? Review these 3 positive points that will change your mind

Large organizations

Often, high level opportunities at large corporations are filled by having connections within the institution. Attempting to gain the attention of a high level executive without any common connections may seem out of the question. This is why reaching out to the recruiter will benefit your circumstances.

Recruiters are trained to maintain networking relationships with hiring managers and executives. By having this type of connection, another advantage point becomes clear; recruiters can obtain both the human resource department’s level of urgency in hiring someone, as well as identify the number of candidates who have already applied. They ultimately act as gatekeepers and are able to work on your behalf, which helps your resume move up to the top of the pile.

Tailored Fit

When you are on the job hunt it can feel like you’ve been placed in a wild safari, lacking professional gear or direction, with only your past experience to guide the way. Job descriptions generally consist of a broad overview of tasks, leaving you to guess if your skill set is sufficient for the part. Recruiters are not only able to investigate behind the scenes and provide insight into the job description, but they can even set up a conversation with a person in a similar position to give you a better understanding of the role.

Furthermore, as you attempt to understand the culture of a company through basic online research, you might feel that you’ll dominate the scene. However, outside interpretations are often rough estimates of the true scenario. Thus, a recruiter can disclose what they’ve discovered in the past and help you determine your perfect working environment. Each piece of information they have collected can result in your increased preparation for the interview, ultimately driving you to land the job.


The recent state of the economy in the United States has created hesitation in the workforce, especially in the compensation sector. Confidence often diminishes when the conversation with interviewers turns to your specific salary desires. A recruiter can restore your certainty and set points to cover in order to negotiate a fair deal between you and the company. Understanding the average earnings in the field you’ve chosen and exactly what you should be earning based on your experience will become more familiar once you’ve spoken with a recruiter. You can think of your recruiter as someone on your team, that will be with you during every step of the process.

Recruiters can help open the door to exciting possibilities, but you do have to walk through it and be prepared for the interview. If you’re wondering what interview questions to be prepared for, check out the top five interview questions and the proper answers.


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